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The work we do would not be possible without our network of amazing providers. Each one plays a vital role in making sure our babies are healthy, well-coiffed, and smell really good!


village ANIMAL clinic

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Senior dogs are a lot like us humans. The older they get, the more everything wears out, slows down, and doesn’t work as well as it used to. That is why we spend a lot of time at Jupiter Pet Emergency and Specialty Center. In addition to emergency services, they are a state of the art center offering the best in specialty care including ophthalmology, surgery, cardiology, and sports medicine. We know first hand that each specialty provider is the best around because our seniors have been patients of every department! The office also carries a variety of natural antioxidants, vitamins, and immune supportive beta-glucans which we add to our senior’s diets. These supplements play a crucial role in their health.

We are so fortunate to have such amazing group of specialists under one roof. Again, we have to give a special shout out to the front desk staff, nurses and techs. Where do we start? The fact that they are all super patient with our seniors, and even more patient with us, or the fact that they make every senior feel special… maybe it’s because they make us laugh every time we are there! Whatever the reason, we just know that Mr. Jojo's seniors are some lucky pups.

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As much as we LOVE our babies, and want to be with them all of the time, there are instances when that is not possible. Our families would be upset if we never visited during the holidays.. at least we think they would be upset! And sometimes the humans of the house need to get away and recharge. None of that would be possible without Lulu's Zoo!

Amy and Paul are nothing less than pet sitting superheroes, caring for the babies in the comfort of their own home. Pet sitting for the gang at Mr. Jojos isn’t for the weak. Face it, they are high maintenance with their special diets, blindness, deafness, special needs, arthritis, etc. Paul and Amy face the challenge with professionalism and ease. Sometimes we get stuck at vet appointments longer than we thought, and have to call Lulu's in a panic hoping they can come by for an unscheduled visit because those old bladders can’t wait too long. They always go out of their way to help us in a pinch.

We know we can go away and relax because the babies are receiving the best care. One of the best parts of getting away is all the fur baby kisses you get when you come home. Thanks to Lulus Zoo we get to experience the coming home kisses!

visit them at LuLusZoo




We know how important staying healthy is, especially for seniors. That’s why we make sure to get everyone to the vet on a regular basis, we take them on walks, take them for laser therapy, make sure everyone gets plenty of exercise and love every day, and make multiple trips to the pharmacy for medication refills. I’m pretty sure the pharmacist thought my name was Jelly Bean until I mentioned all the medications I pick up are for dogs!

Why do all of that if we are not going to take care of their nutritional needs? Providing a healthy diet for our seniors is one of the most important gifts we can give them. That’s why the primary source of their nutrition comes from Wet Nose Pantry.

Wet Nose Pantry uses only fresh, human grade ingredients in their pet food. There or no by products chemicals, preservatives or additives, just real, recognizable food that is gently cooked in small batches (with love!) so the food retains its nutrients and tastes great. Trust us, the dogs LOVE this food. Even our pickiest of eaters can’t wait to eat. It’s a good thing the humans at Mr. Jojo’s don’t eat meat, because we would be tempted to dig in ourselves.

In addition to making amazing pet food, there are so many things to love about Wet Nose Pantry... to name a few:

  • They offer free delivery right to your doorstep!!
  • If one (or more) of our seniors needs a specific diet, they will work with our Veterinarian to customize and prepare food that fits what they need.
  • They offer a line of grain free diets for those fur babies that do not tolerate any grains
  • They support the local community by sourcing their ingredients from local farmers and growers. (We really love this!)
  • They also support local pet rescue groups (we really, really love this!!)
  • Janet, the owner, gave up her career to start Wet Nose Pantry. She cooks for endless hours throughout the day and night, fights her way through I-95 traffic for deliveries, takes care of her own family, and does everything else it takes to run a business. She does all of that because she loves and cares about dogs. What is there not to love about that!



We always make sure our seniors are healthy and well groomed. So, it makes sense that we want awesomely amazing collars and harnesses for our babies. We stumbled upon Beef and Bean at our favorite green market. These homemade collars are top of the line! They come in so many patterns and sizes that it is hard for us to pick which ones we like best. Although we are definitely obsessed with the tie-dyed pattern. We love supporting small, locally owned businesses, and Beef and Bean is one of the best. Not only does Kim make really cool stuff for dogs, she also donates her collars and harnesses to local shelters. She is quiet about it and doesn’t like to brag or take credit so we will brag for her because we think what she does is really cool. Check her out on Facebook under Beef & Bean, or Instagram at beef_n_bean 



Of course we want our seniors to be healthy on the inside, but we also want them to look fabulous! Sugar Puppy is the place to go when we want our seniors to look and feel their best. Our seniors love going to Sugar Puppy because they can hang out with other dogs, or have a nice quiet place to rest if they are tired or nervous. Sugar Puppy staff always make sure each senior is comfortable during their visit. They are so patient and kind to the seniors, giving them extra love and treats! They will even put the seniors on a “finish first” priority list so they can get back home as soon as possible.  We are super grateful for the talented and wonderful staff at Sugar Puppy. 

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