Because having fun never gets old!

Aug 30

Waffles McDougall - 16 years old

Waffles is another alumni from Animal Care and Control.  We received notice that the shelter was over capacity which is never good news, especially for senior dogs.   We walked into the shelter and asked them to show us the oldest dog they had that had.  We were sad because there were at least 5 dogs that were 14-15 years old.  We could not take them all so our next question was "which one has the least chance of being adopted?" we were then introduced to a deaf, hairless (he was so matted upon arrival, the shelter had to shave him down), stinky dog that had several different types of skin infections, an ear infection, and an eye infection.  He was perfect!! 

It took a while to clean up all of his issues, but it was nothing that some antibiotics and every other day baths couldn't fix.  We have to stay vigilant with all the issues, but that just means more snuggle time so we can make sure Waffles skin is ok.  

Waffles is a funny guy.  He pees on himself all the time! lol... he pees standing up and usually ends up peeing on his front legs.  We are still working on getting him to pee outside so we are not really worried about his peeing style. He loves to eat and gets super excited during breakfast and dinner.  He loves to snore (really loud) and sleep in.  We love our little stinky sleepy head. 

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Because having fun never gets old!

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Our mission is to rescue senior dogs from shelters whose chances of being adopted are highly unlikely due to their advanced age, medical conditions or disabilities.

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