Because having fun never gets old!

Aug 30

Freckles - 15 Years Old

Freckles was "adopted" by mommy before Mr. Jojo's was official, but she fits right in.  Freckles likes to be alone, looking out the window watching everything that is going on.  She recently lost her hearing so she sleeps a little more than she used to. She is the picky eater of the house...the ONLY picky eater! She is a little shy, but will warm up quickly and just want to cuddle. She has a little trouble walking, and can no longer jump up on the sofa to her favorite spot, but mommy helps her. 

Freckles makes sure she does a thorough inspection of every new resident that comes to the house. she will give them a hard time to make sure they know she has been living at Jojo's longer then they have. Once she is done giving everyone a hard time, she settles in and welcomes everyone with open paws. She tries to put on act that she has attitude, but is always sad when one of her siblings goes over the rainbow bridge.  

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Because having fun never gets old!

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Our mission is to rescue senior dogs from shelters whose chances of being adopted are highly unlikely due to their advanced age, medical conditions or disabilities.

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