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Aug 30

Nana Banana - 16 Years Old

Nana Banana was a hot mess when she first arrived at Mr. Jojo’s! Animal care and control contacted us to say they had a little dog who was owner surrender, 15 years old, bad skin, arthritis, blind… You know, typical senior dog issues. Honestly, the first thing we did was get her to the groomers. We asked for a 50% discount since she only had hair on half of her body!

And a lot of hair she had…. But only from her waist up. Her entire backside was pretty bald! They think the cause was a bad flea and tick infestation. Once we got sweet little Nana cleaned up her entire demeanor changed. For being blind she is quite the explorer. She loves to waddle around the house exploring every nook and cranny. She has the cutest waddle. She’s another resident with terrible arthritis affecting her hips and spine so she is a bit stiff when she walks, but it doesn’t slow her down…she just keeps waddling around exploring. She also loves to go outside and waddle around while exploring the backyard.

Nana is a quiet girl until around 5 PM each night. Without fail she walks into the kitchen and sits patiently, waiting for dinner. After about three minutes her patience runs thin and she slowly starts barking. She continues barking at an even pace until dinner is served. She definitely makes the best, most consistent dinner bell we’ve ever had. She is also the most polite. She never tries to eat anyone else’s dinner, and when she’s finished with hers she sits patiently waiting for her after dinner treat.

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Because having fun never gets old!

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Our mission is to rescue senior dogs from shelters whose chances of being adopted are highly unlikely due to their advanced age, medical conditions or disabilities.

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