Because having fun never gets old!

Nov 06

Maddie Poopie Butt - 15 1/2 Years Old

Little Maddie was a fighter.  She came to us with three legs, never realizing she couldn’t do everything the 4 legged seniors could do. She would jump, run and play.  She did tend to fall a lot, but would get back up without missing a beat. 

She earned her nickname Poopie Butt because she liked to poop… A LOT! She would always wait to go outside, but once she was there she would poop, then poop some more! And when playtime was over she would poop again just for good measure.

Our little Maddie Started losing her eyesight around the same time she developed arthritis.  This situation slowed her down, but she stayed sassy.  Her eyesight seemed to be here one day, and gone the next. It was a tough adjustment for her.  Near the end she was content to sit in her cozy bed napping the day away. Any dog that wandered in her space knew they had made a mistake because she would let them know in her special Maddie way. 

She still loved to take walks which was us pulling her through the neighborhood in her red wagon.  She loved the fresh air, and the sun on her face. 

Little Poopie Butt managed to get a bad case of pancreatitis.  We all fought hard to save her, but in the end she just didn’t have it in her.  Little Maddie Poopie Butt left us while we were all listening to her favorite song.  There will never be another Maddie! We think about her every day, especially when we are picking up poop!


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Because having fun never gets old!

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